60 MINUTES: $70-$120

90 MINUTES: $100-$170

120 MINUTES: $140-$200

You may pay any amount within this price range for your session. The price you pay is your decision and can vary each session. 

The average rate for an hour massage in Seattle is $90. The range above reflects the local marketplace for practitioners of similar experience and education level while allowing affordable bodywork for those with lower than average incomes.

We accept credit cards and checks, but we love cash the most. 

The price you decide to pay does not affect your treatment.


Bodywork is a powerful healing system, and it’s wonderful the medical establishment is encouraging the American public to seek its benefits. That being said, we are not currently accepting insurance-based work.

We are interested in providing treatment-quality healing bodywork with a direct exchange between provider and client. To this end, we are happy to arrange sessions rates that are appropriate & affordable for you, based on your body’s needs. We do accept HSA cards.