(I forever offer donation-based sessions for those who cannot afford to pay. You may nominate yourself or others for a free session here. I will contact the nominee directly to schedule a session. Every body deserves healing and support: I am deeply honored to serve all beings.)

Every session with me begins with a period of meditation: tuning into the rhythm of our breath and bodies allows us to relax fully into a supportive therapeutic space.

What follows depends on the day: I work with you instinctively, touching where and how is necessary for shifting your felt sense of body and self.  Modalities are applied based on the present state of your experience, your needs, and my intuition, but often include diagnostic muscle testing, deep tissue trigger therapy, impactful fascial holds, and shiatsu-style meridian work.

Throughout our session, I hold a space of compassion and patience for you to explore your being and let go of what does not serve you. I encourage recipients to communicate during session as much or as little as is comfortable. In this regard, I follow your lead.

All sessions conclude with a brief period of craniosacral technique and/or a short guided meditation to allow you to integrate the changes in your body mindfully and completely.