Ritual is a private healing arts collective located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. It exists to explore new and emerging techniques and develop refined systems for bodywork that incorporate the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.

Learning to feel our bodies through bodywork can provide the stressed modern mind processing time and context which supersedes logic and resonates on a basic, human level. It allows us the opportunity to fully integrate our current experience in our personal historical perspective and our day to day lives. Bodywork allows us to find presence. When we get in touch, we have a clearer relationship with ourselves, others, and our experience. We feel better.

Research supporting the efficacy of healing arts in promoting physical and emotional ease continues to confirm our instinct that holistic approaches to recovery and wellness are one of many available paths to peaceful living.  At Ritual, we want to uncover what we believe is an inherent capacity for peace in all human beings. We do this through presence, attention, and theraputic skill.

We aspire to provide work that feels both good and effective. We hope to evolve the widespread notion that massage, yoga, and other somatic therapies are only effective for symptom management. Through this work, we encourage both practitioners and recipients to look at the broader therapeutic context of body and movement based therapies in creating happy, engaged members of community and society.  

Our posture and the body, and their connection to our thoughts and mental motion, are an integral part of the sum of our experience. Our ability to feel and touch is a powerful sense with much visceral potential for healing not just in our bodies, but also our lives. To this end, all  our offerings ultimately seek to engage the mind-body connection and help clients connect into that relationship.

Touch therapies teach us to take care of ourselves, to be compassionate toward ourselves. Mindful bodywork shows us how to put aside externalization and utilize our own ability to “be” in our bodies and in this world. A successful session teaches us how to confront pain and stress in our body mindfully. This, in turn, teaches us how to mindfully confront pain or stress in our daily lives and thoughts. When we can be knowledgeable in this way, we find more and more ability within ourselves to make the world a safer place to “be,” as we’ve made our bodies a safer place “be.”

Ultimately, this is our great endeavor: to help you feel comfortable being authentically you, whoever that you is today, and whatever your body is doing. We aim to provide support and encouragement, to ease pain, expand awareness, and to open your experience up to lively engagement.  You show up, and we show up with you, presently and with an open heart.